Fixed LTE

Our range of LTE services offer a quick and easy way to get connected, especially if you don't have Fibre coverage  or need a fast back-up connection.

Can i get it?

To find out if you’re covered simply enter your street address into the search bar below and we’ll check if you can get Fixed LTE.

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Once you’ve found which LTE service is in your area, just choose the package that suits you best. Or Whatsapp Us on 087 821 7186

Parcel on the way

We aim to deliver your parcel within 3 days, Together with our courier partner we are dedicated to get you connected within 3 days.


Should your address be within the Blue or Orange shaded area, Proceed to order your package by selecting the package.


We’ve run rigorous tests on both networks and have found the following:

  • Telkom: Enjoy speeds as high as 25Mbps, with an average of 20Mbps.
  • MTN  We’ve seen speeds up to 150Mbps, with an average of around 30Mbps.

Speeds depend on various factors (proximity to LTE tower, the location of the router in the home, interference from mother nature etc).

Yes, we apply pro-rata to both the data and cost of our Fixed LTE services. This means that if you sign up halfway through the month you will pay half the monthly fee and receive half the data for the rest of the month.

Your first Invoice amount: Your LTE service (R400/month) activates on 15 August. Since we bill in advance, you will receive a pro-rata invoice for the 16 days this service has been active this month. Your pro-rata invoice will be R206.45 [(R400 / 31 days) X (16 days)]

Your first data allocation: Your LTE service (40GB + 40GB/month) activates on 15 August. Since our packages are monthly, you will receive a pro-rata data allocation for the 16 days this service has been active this month. Your pro-rata data will be 20.64GB + 20.64GB [(40GB / 31 days) X (16 days)]


Telkom’s Fixed LTE service works anywhere within Telkom’s coverage area. (Remember, their coverage maps expand weekly so check back at any time to see if your next destination is covered). That said, our Fixed LTE is designed to be a fixed home-based product and it can take up to 24 hours to connect to a new tower if you do move it.


MTN’s Fixed LTE service is designed to be used at your home or office. Remember, the SIM card will be locked to the location you provided during sign-up and as a result your Fixed LTE services will ONLY work at this location.

Yes, you need to provide Afrisp with an electronic copy of your ID and proof of address that is less than three months old. Once you have ordered, you will automatically be prompted by email to RICA, the documents can then be uploaded in our Clientarea > Open New Ticket.

You will also be required to have a copy of your ID and proof of residence available when your SIM is delivered, and you (the account holder) must sign for it in person.

The documents you present to the courier must match the documents you have provided electronically.

We don’t do long, drawn-out contracts. If for whatever reason you wish to cancel, all that is required is a calendar month’s notice.

All our LTE packages are month-to-month, so you only need to give one calendar month’s notice when cancelling.

If you have one of our free-to-use premium routers (not purchased), you will be required to return (in its original condition) within 20 days of your service being cancelled.

Once your service has been RICA’d, it could take up to 3-5 business days for delivery.

Telkom Upgrades:

Upgrades are scheduled for the end of the month. You can top up at any time while you wait for your upgrade and your top up will carry over to your new package (if there is any data left) once the upgrade is complete.

Telkom Downgrades:

Our Telkom LTE service does not currently support downgrades.

MTN Upgrades:

Upgrades are done immediately (within 10 minutes of the request).

MTN Downgrades:

Our MTN LTE service downgrades will be done at the end of the month.